A rough phonetic cipher from the Choyini script to the Latin script.

As with most modern languages, Choyini is often communicated through writing, and as such has certain writing rules and standards.


Choyini has sentences, which are written from bottom to top, and new lines are placed to the right of previous lines.

Between each word, a horizontal line is drawn as an indication that the two words are separate, then between sentences two horizontal stripes are drawn, the top one smaller than the bottom one. There is no other punctuation in Choyini writing.


The word "Ho", because of it's nature of requiring body language, has a special writing rule to clarify on what is intended by the word. After the word is written, a small unique symbol is written to the right of "Ho", then this symbol is repeated at the end of the page with a sentence elaborating what is meant with the "Ho". The exception to this is when the author elaborates on what the "Ho" means later in the writing.

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