Shechilushoeathu Wiki

Originally, there were only two types of vehicle, boats and carts. With the arrival of Mechagics however, some countries have seen a significant change in vehicles.


Traditional transport is a cart and a beast of burden. It is useful, but not very efficient by modern standards. They are still being used in the majority of the world though, as Mechagics can be rather expensive to mass produce.

The other type of traditional transport, is aquatic, boats and ships and the sort. These can either be powered by sails, oars or magic (or a combination of the three) Magic powered ships are rare, as it can be quite exhausting for the mage, and is hard work for someone, who can probably get better work for a better pay. Quite a few ships have atleast one magic user on board, either to extinguish fires, fight off threats such as storms pirates or the odd enemy warship, or to enhance the speed or maneuverability of the ship in times of need.


Ever since the invention of Mechagics, people have attempted to apply it to practical use. One of these uses was transport. Mechagics created the biggest change in transport on land, allowing bigger cargos to be hauled, faster travel etc.

There are several ways that Mechagics can produce locomotion. The most common type, is just a change to the standard cart, the wheels are then rotated by magic, which generally goes faster, and/or allows it to be more powerful. There are many ways of actually doing this, for example reversing gravity on one half of the wheel, making something blow against spokes, etc. Mechagic practicioners are not quite sure which is most efficient yet and are still experimenting. Some even blow wind out the back, to allow the cart to move forward, or fire, these are deemed more dangerous, but they have been known to be faster.

Another common vehicle type, is the hover-vehicle. These vehicles make use of, what the Mechagics call; Gravity oscilators, to keep the vehicle at a set height, then they use some form of magical propulsion to move forward. These are not as useful for carrying things, as the gravity oscilators work rather precise, but they are useful as very fast personal transports. These hover-vehicles are also used in a new version of an old form of entertainment: Races. In these races, Mechagics users build their own vehicles, often thin, long vehicles, which are not the most comfortable of vehicles, with difficult controls and speeds never witnessed by Lo before. These races are dangerous, and have cost more than a few lives already, but the people who survive, and do well, are seen as heroes and public icons.