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Political map of Thenuwa

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~2,021,900 km^2


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Thenuwa is a country located in Thichana . It is the birthplace of the magic school of Mechagics.

Thenuwa consists of exactly 54 provinces of varyingsizes. Each province is ruled by a family, which could be regarded as nobility.


Thenuwa is officially ruled by one ruler who is the head of his family. However in practice, Thenuwa is mostly ruled by each of the noble families that rule the provinces.

Each noble family which has possession over a province, can decide to do whatever they want with it, the only limitation is their own ability, how the people like it, and the laws set up by the grand ruler, as a province may not, under any circumstance, over rule the grand ruler.

The current ruler of Thenuwa is mostly focussed on development and commerce, and is actively supporting any advances made in Mechagics which can advance his country. Commerce with the other countries of the continent is also prospering.

Social structure[]

The social structure in Thenuwa is largely based around families. Every family has a sort of category of proffession which it specialises in, for example there could be a family which is based around the fishing industry. Then this family would consist of fishers, gutters, warehouse workers and owners, fish traders and fish shop owners.

If someone from a family wants to practice another proffession, they will have to leave the family and renounce their family name, and all the status that comes with it, then they will have to be adopted by a family which practices the proffession they want to practice. Usually families are quite eager to adopt new members, however they usually do want competent people, who can do the job properly and who are ready to make sacrifices for the family. Entering a noble family from a lower social rank is often very hard, and only the most skilled of commoners get adopted.

It is possible for the state of ones nobility to change, a common family can become a noble family, and a noble family can become a common family (with the exception of the provincial rulers and the royal family). This can be done by a meeting between representatives of all the noble families of the province. If the vast majority (about 3 out of 4) believes the family should become noble, or should lose their nobility (In which case the noble family which might lose its nobility is not allowed to vote), then the vote will pass, and the common family will gain nobility, or the noble family will lose it. However, the provinces ruling family and the royal family can call a veto, over-ruling the results. Usually they do not call veto however, and the Royal families veto over-rules the Provincial family veto.