The yearly forest is a forest located in the far north of Sunland within the region where the oceans are frozen, it is presumed to be evergreen, and its trees and plants are very well adapted to the cold. The yearly forest is most famous for being the only known forest that moves, as it comes down from the deep north, across the frozen ocean, seemingly running from the mid-day darkness, once every two years


The yearly forest is believed to migrate across the polar ice, going north when the sun goes north, and going south when the sun does so. It is not quite known why the forest moves north each year, but it is theorized that there is a rich source of neutrients in the north. The fact that the forest only returns to Sunland bi-yearly suggests that it goes to another place every other year.

The forest uses fast growing roots that penetrate the ice to push itself forwards while also absorbing water from the ice, these roots retract once they have grown to their maximum size, to be replaced by other roots. The roots appear to be warm to the touch. 


The yearly forest gains a lot of energy by making sure it is always located in as much sun as it can, It also gains organic material from the animals which migrate with it and which hunt outside of the forest in the dark days of the year, and as a result, bring new organic matter into the forest.

It is also believed that the forest absorbs and uses large amounts of Raw Magical Energy to keep itself partially sustained. This, in part, is supported by the fact that the creatures and even the plants in the forest are known for using powerful magic for multiple purposes.

Travelling with the forestEdit

Many attempts have been made to travel with the forest north, all of which have apparently failed. The north is a hostile place, and the forest, while sheltering somewhat from the hostilities of the barren north, has dangers of its own. The temperature in the forest is warmer than outside, but it still plummits well below freezing, especially as it travels north. Furthermore, the animals inside the forest are more than happy to ambush any Lo travelling through it, using powerful magics to kill their prey. Those few that managed to travel with the forest for a month, and then returned tell that the forest only gets more vicious as it gets further north, their magics becoming more powerful, and the animals more hungry. They even say that by the last week, even the plants started attacking them