The Summerfire festival is an old traditional festival held at the beginning of summer in some of the south-eastern countries of Sunland in the savana regions.


The traditional reason why the Summerfire festival is held, is to please the fire spirits love for fire and as a result, prevent them from causing forest fires. According to folklore, if the spirits are pleased, there wont be a forest fire, but if the bon-fires werent large enough, the forests will be set ablaze nonetheless.

The festival is believed to have started as a simple, ritualistic lighting of bonfires, but has grown out to become a festivity with narcotics, food, dancing, music and magic. Though the original purpose still exists, many people attend these festivals for merely traditional and enjoyment reasons, even in areas where there are no forests to protect.

Most of the current religions claim these fire spirits to be just peasantry banter and myth, many scholars agree, thinking the fire spirits originated out of a fear for the devastation forest fires could produce. Many people in the south-west however, still believe in fire spirits, even if the major religions and scholars tell them they are mad. Though many important religious people and scholars from the area do happily participate in the Summerfire festival.