Shechilushoeathu Wiki

From top left to bottom right, A straightlightning spear(SLS) from the side, an SLS in use, an SLS in the middle of being reloaded.

The Straightlightning spear is one of the more commonly used Mechagical weapons. It is a large handheld device which fires straightlightning.


A Straightlightning spear is not very hard to use, they are relatively heavy though. The user holds the spear with two hands on the two handles, the off hand is used to merely hold up the spear, while the main hand is used to hold, aim and fire the spear. To actually fire a Straightlightning spear, one has to merely aim the firing end at whatever the user wants to hit, and push the firing button.

After each shot, the spear has to be reloaded. This is done by placing the spear firing end first on the ground and opening the Raw Magic Energy container bay, removing the spent Raw Magic Energy container, placing in a new one, and closing the container bay. Often users don't place the container correctly, and will have to open up the container bay again, adjust the container, and close it again.


The Straightlightning Spear is one of the most accurate Mechagics weapon, only veering off to a maximum of half a meter for every 100 meter traversed. The largest accuracy problems found in the spear, is by the user, the device being rather heavy and unweildy, it can be difficult to aim the device. For this reason, users often rely on low walls, windows or other objects as support for the spear to allow it to be aimed with greater ease.

The range of a Straightlightning spear depends on the atmosphere, as the straightlightning has to travel through it, but usually reaches to about 300 meters.

One of the greatest setbacks of the Straightlightning spear is it's reload time, taking up to eight seconds to reload, excluding the cases where the Raw Magic Energy container is not placed correctly. This means that a linking mage will be significantly faster at firing.

The Straightlightning spear's shots are about the strength of half the maximum strength straightlightning shot of a linker. The fact that a straightlightning spear can continue firing as long as there are Raw Magic Energy containers left gives it a significant advantage over Linking mages, who require other linkers to gift them Raw Magical Energy to achieve a similar endurance of firing.

A straightlightning spear can fire on average roughly 5000 shots before it needs to be repaired or replaced, however usually standard maintenance is done after every battle or after every 100 shots, depending on the circumstances.