Straightlightning is a magically manipulated form of lightning, where the lightning is straightened out into a straight line, hence the name Straightlightning.


Straightlightning can be produced in three of the magical schools; Linking, Vocalism and Mechagics .

Straightlightning is most easily made through linking, Linkers usually do not produce very powerful straightlightning though. At full power, using all the Raw Magical Energy naturally stored in their organ, they can produce a straightlightning bolt about 2/3 the strength of a normal lightning bolt produced under similar circumstances, which, upon hitting a target, can make the area where it hits, including the way the lightning traverses through the target to the ground, up to 500 degrees celcius for a short while. However, linkers are ofcourse capable of sharing Raw Magical Energy, producing theoretically limitlessly powerful straightlightning, possibly even stronger than actual lightning.

In Vocalism, it is incredibly difficult to produce Straightlightning, as the person has to produce a predictable form of lightning, where every branch is known, and then use words to adapt each bend. It usually takes a sentence of up to ten words to produce straightlightning, which is beyond the capability of most vocalists. This straightlightning is as powerful as actual lightning then though, and deadly accurate.

In Mechagics, Straightlightning is produced by first producing normal lightning, but weaker, then guiding said lightning into a receptor. Meanwhile the front side of the device turns a ray of air (or other material) highly conductive, and a tube around it very unconductive, finally the lightning is released, and follows the path of least resistance, which is straight ahead. Theoretically, straightlightning from mechagics can be stronger than actual lightning, however with current Raw Magical Energy container technology, the size of such a container would be far too immense.


Straightlightning is almost exclusively used in combat and war, priced for it's accuracy, power and the fact that it is instant, thus practically impossible for a negatism mage to counter without a shield.

However, people have also been known to use very very weak forms of straightlightning to annoy people in a non harmful way, to produce art, by scorching images, and as a signal.

Some people also attempted to use Straightlightning to make puppets out of animals, however the twitches produced by the shocks were too unpredictable.

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