Shechilushoeathu Wiki

A rough silhouette of a Stormbringer seen from above in mid flight.

Stormbringers are birds with four wings, they derive their name from their habit of flying close in front of storms.


It is commonly believed, especially amoungst the people of the countryside and the sea, that stormbringers fly out towards the ocean in search of a storm, or to conjure up a storm, and then bring it upon the people to torment them. For this reason, Stormbringers are often killed on sight.

Scholars on the other hand, believe that the birds fly in front of storm clouds for other reasons, either to get away from them, or because they gain something from the storms.


Stormbringers have four clawed wings, this allows them to be extra maneuverable, but also causes them to have more drag, making them somewhat slower birds, capable of making very quick turns. They usually travel in massive flocks, estimated to number in the hundreds. They mostly eat fish and other sea creatures, but will also hunt on small birds and small careless land animals. Stormbringers rarely come close to Lo-o, but when aggrivated, by for example getting too close to its nest, it can cause some severe damage, often going straight for the face, and dodging simple magics easily, its claws have been known to gauge out eyes and rip arteries, while its predator beak can easily pierce skin. When a stormbringer attacks you, the best tactic is to use invisible, instant or broad magics.

Stormbringers mate twice a year, Once in spring, and once in autumn.