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Welcome to the Shechilushoeathu Wiki

Shechilushoeathu (Dirt/land under the Day Sky) is a world which I am currently creating. It is a fantasy world, devoid of humans elves and such. I plan on making it completely original and it will contain some strange and interesting differences from our world, or your average fantasy world.

For now, the majority of the Wiki will be from the views of the people who speak Choyini, calling several things by their Choyini name. There will be other languages in Shechilushoeathu, which will have their own seperate wiki-pages in the future.


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The wiki

I would like to use this bit of space, to explain some of the rules and basics of this wiki.

First off, this wiki is mostly for me to create a world in, and do so in an orderly fashion. However, this does not mean that no one can contribute.

So how does one contribute? Simple, you just make a new page, and then you give it a title as usual, but you add in [Pending] in the front. Then you write your topic, and put in the top:

This topic has been written by one of the users, and has not been approved yet. Therefore this should not be seen as canon information yet. It may be approved in the near future, or rejected.

And voila, you have made an application for a page! If you do not add this, chances are you might get in trouble.

Second, Do NOT remove pages or bits of pages that have been approved. You may add things, however this has to be surrounded by [Pending]<insert text here>[Pending]. This is to prevent people from thinking something is actually true, while it is not, or atleast not yet.

Furthermore, if you really want to contribute, check out The Foster Project!


Sites which do something for this wiki, or just advertise it or such, do pay a visit to them! The Roleplay Brewery is a forum Roleplaying site which I am generally one of the most active members of (Kamica), it has a great community, and a (variably) great assortment of RPs. If this wiki interests you, I definitely suggest you pay this a visit!

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