The climate map of Shechilushoeathu, showing all five continents and some major islands. Click for full image (Note: Image is 4000 x 2000 pixels)

Shechilushoeathu is the world where all known living creatures live on and basically where everything happens.


As noted on the map, there are seven general types of climate on land, north of the northern polar line is the polar region, where there is an eternal pack of snow. Further away from both polar lines, closer to the equator is the Tundra area. This area is filled with evergreen trees and snow falls most of the year.

Further towards the equator is the General climate. Snow does fall in winters, but rarely outside of there and summers are comfortable to warm. Then closer to the equator is a climate which doesnt have white winters, though they can still get a bit cold, has warm to hot summers and tends to allow for the growing of exotic, almost tropical fruits etc. Further to the equator still, is a savana region, on which there grows less as it tends to be too hot, but not moist enough. These regions tend to have long periods of rainlessness and short, intense rainfall when it does. Further to the equator still is desert, where barely any plantlife lives because of lack of moisture but some animals still persist, further to the equator is more savana, and around the equator is a tropical belt where plantlife and animal life flourishes, it is hot and moist all year around with rainy seasons. This is the only place where Lo-o can survive without clothing or other ways of keeping warm.

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