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A pocket Mechagical Time Device, showing Red time.

With the discovery of Mechagics, came a rapid increase in efficiency and infrastructure in several parts of Sunland. This change has caused people to require devices to read time.

Mechagical mages have created a device, both pocket sized, and large sized which shows roughly what time it is currently.

Reading Time[]

The Mechagical Time Device(MTD), when activated, shows a floating light emitting misty orb floating just above the device. This orb emits a certain colour, depending on the time. Many MTDs have a colour-scale displayed on the actual casing with icons indicating certain times, usually a rizing and setting sun and moon.

The following table shows with what earth times the colours roughly corrolate.

Colour Starting Time End Time Duration
Violet 0:00 1:30 1:30
Blue 1:30 6:30 5:00
Light Blue 6:30 8:00


Green 8:00 10:30 2:30
Lime 10:30 12:30 2:00
Yellow 12:30 15:30 3:00
Orange 15:30 18:00 2:30
Red 18:00 24:00 6:00

Effect on Society[]

The common production of MTDs has caused an interesting change in the way Lo society talks about time. Rather than using words indicating phases of the day using old words, they are more likely to say colours. It is not unusual to hear a person say something along the lines of "I'll meet you at the plaza at Yellow"

Furthermore, the more reliable way of telling time has resulted in people being more punctual, but also expecting people to be more punctual, and society as a whole to be more tightly managed.

MTDs with large light spheres can be found in important meeting places like plazas and busy streets, furthermore, more and more people in mechagics rich countries can be seen carrying pocket MTDs.