Magewind cavern (Choyini: Hanithulochosila = Magic using cave), is a large system of caverns that are carved into the side of a large natural plateau by the wind and by water. The plateau is located in the center of Sunland.

Name originEdit

The reason why it is called Magic using cave, is because when a wind travels through these caverns from the outside, it produces a series of very characteristic sounds, which by chance are the perfect series of frequencies to produce Vocalstic magic. The effect of this magic, is that a handful of sweet drinkable water gets created on the same spot inside the caverns, which soothes the throat and clears the voice.

Historic importanceEdit

Many of the Vocalistic historical accounts state that this place is one of the origins of Vocalism, as people would probably have attempted to imitate the sounds the cave made, in the hope to imitate the result.

Regardless of whether or not it was one of the key places which lead to the development of Vocalism, this place is, and has been for a long time, of great importance to many vocalists, hence many vocalists go on a pilgrimage to this cave in order to drink from the water and smoothen the throat. This isnt necessary from a practical point, as the sounds created by the cave tend to be the amoung the first that a student of Vocalism learns.

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