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A gravity oscilator is a mechagical apparatus used in flying vehicles.


A gravity oscilator consists of a core, several nodes and an equal amount of magic conducting pipes.

The core controls the nodes and feeds them with Raw Magical Energy, the core constantly switches between two states; On and off. When it is on, the nodes produce a carefully calibrated Negatismic field which reverses gravity. When it is off, gravity affects the machine as usual.

Gravity oscilators are generally made to have variable asymetry, meaning that the difference in time 'on' and time 'off' is changed.

To function, a gravity oscilator needs a Raw Magical Energy container.

Using a gravity oscilator[]

To properly have an object hover through usage of the gravity oscilator, the gravity oscilator first off has to be installed correctly, so more weight is being affected by it than it is carrying.

Then the oscilator has to be calibrated so that the object hovers by changing the time that the the oscilator is on. Once this is achieved, the only changes required in the oscilator are for increasing or decreasing upwards or downwards acceleration or when more or less weight is placed upon the object.