A golem is one of the few artificial constructs produced by magics other than mechagics. A Celestial Dance user can produce a golem as a puppet. Golems are often used in cases where a Celestial Dance user is either too small, too big, too weak or too inaccurate to do something. Or in combat.


The creation of a Golem is a delicate, and difficult dance, it has many slight variations but is always roughly the same. The first step, is to gather a pile of materials from which to make the golem, then, with a special touch, the Celestial Dancer decides which piece will become the core of the Golem, which is like its heart. Then the dancer will dance around the pile of materials, and it will over the course of a minute, assemble into something resembling the creator as closely as possible. While dancing, the creator, through subtle changes in the dance, can decide where to place which piece from the pile of rubble.


Using a Golem is quite easy to do, but often difficult to master since the Golem copies the creators every move. This means that a golem larger than the creator moves faster, and one smaller moves slower. This can cause quite a bit of problems especially on longer travels, the smaller specimens can be carried by hand, but the bigger ones need special transport either for the golem, or for the creator, though other solutions have been found.


To destroy a golem, you need to find the core, and damage it so its shape is different from its original by 10%. Another way, is to kill the creator or for the creator to do a specific dance.

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