Shechilushoeathu Wiki

Choyini has a very unflexible pronunciation. All the letters are pronounced the same, no matter the context.

Almost every letter can be split up into two parts according to the latin alphabet. A consonant, followed by a vowel. The only exception being the Ha, He, Hi, Ho and Hu sounds, which lose the consonant when placed anywhere in a word except for the beginning.


Ch: [x̟] This is really hard to explain to english people, the closest explanation I can bring up is: It is roughly the sound of an angry cat.

H: [h] Pronounced as the H in Hero.

L: [l] Pronounced as the L in Limbo

N:[n] Pronounced as the N in New

S: [s] Pronounced as the S in Sauce

Sh: ] Pronounced as Sh in Shame.

Th: ] Pronounced as Th in Thermometer

W: [w] Pronounced as the W in Work.

Y: [j] Pronounced as the Y in York.


A: ] Pronounced like the A in Car.

E: [e:] Pronounced like a slightly elongated E from the word Era.

I: [i] Pronounced like the EA in Eager.

O: [o:] Sort of like the O in Go, but less pronounced as Gow, and more straight. It is pronounced like the south-dutch oo in the word Kook.

U: [y:] Pronounced like the Ü in the german word Über.