Shechilushoeathu Wiki

Animals in Shechilushoeathu tend to be simular to Earth's animals, but never exactly the same.

Much like Earth's animals, the animals in Shechilushoeathu come in several general types. There are Mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects etc. However, there is an additional group. This group has scales, which end in hair-like growths. These creatures are warm blooded, but lay eggs, and often take good care of their young. Close to all the animals from this group are large, with an average size of a large horse.

Lo belong to the Mammals.


Lo are not the only animals capable of magic, magic amoung animals is actually quite common. The major difference between Lo magic and other animal's magic, is that the animals use said magic instinctively, hence they can't cast as many spells as the Lo, who learn their magic.

There are only two known types of magic which are unique to the Lo; Mechagics, and Celestial Dance magic.